Convened Sessions

Convened Sessions:

  • Neuromorphic computing with optical metadevices
    Organizers: A.V. Kildishev and V.J. Sorger
  • Epsilon-near-zero media: theory and applications
    Organizers: I. Liberal and H. Caglayan
  • Modelling and Computation of Optics in Artificial Media
    Organizers: A. Sagiv and M.I. Weinstein
  • Theory of Photonic Waves in Novel Materials
    Organizers: A. Sagiv and M.I. Weinstein
  • Designer Metasurfaces for Nonlinear Optics
    Organizer: Y. Prior
  • Large scale mechanical metamaterials in civil engineering and geophysics
    Organizers: S. Guenneau, Bogdan Ungureanu and S. Brulé
  • Adaptive Electromagnetic Skins for Smart Environments
    Organizers: P. Rocca and M. Salucci
  • Intense-field nanophotonics
    Organizers: M. Shcherbakov and G. Shvets
  • Theory and applications of exceptional points
    Organizers: F. Capolino and M. Khajavikan
  • Nano/micro-mechanical Electromagnetic Metamaterials
    Organizers: K. MacDonald and A. Pitanti
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