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An EUPROMETA Doctoral School will be held right after the Conference (24 - 25 September 2021). The lectures will be held online, using the Zoom platform. Registred participants will receive the links to join the virtual school some days before its beginning.

The school is chaired by Alex Krasnok and Younes Ra’di and its topic is:

Emerging concepts and Anomalies in Light Scattering

The scattering of electromagnetic waves lies at the heart of most experimental techniques over nearly the entire electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from radio waves to optics and X rays. Hence, deep insight into the basics of scattering theory and an understanding of the peculiar features of electromagnetic scattering are necessary for the correct interpretation of experimental data and an understanding of the underlying physics. Recently, a broad spectrum of scattering phenomena attainable in suitably engineered structures has been predicted and demonstrated. Examples include bound states in the continuum, exceptional points in parity-time (PT)-symmetrical non-Hermitian systems, coherent perfect absorption, virtual perfect absorption, nontrivial lasing, nonradiating sources, and others. This school will aim on establishing a unified description of such exotic scattering phenomena.

The school offers a unique opportunity to students and young researchers to meet pioneers and leading experts in light scattering at the extreme and get exposure to the latest advancements in this burgeoning research field. Comprehensive lectures will take into account the widespread backgrounds of the audience.

Confirmed lecturers:

Sergei Tretyakov (Aalto University)
Perfect Absorption, Coherent and Virtual Perfect Absorption

Tsampikos Kottos (Wesleyan University)
Exceptional Points and PT -Symmetric Structures

Yuri Kivshar (Australian National University)
Embedded Eigenstates

Francesco Monticone (Cornell University)
Scattering by Finite Objects: Theory, Extreme Effects, and Fundamental Bounds

Alex Khanikaev (City College of New York)
Topological Effects in Photonics: Introduction to the Area

Mercedeh Khajavikhan (University of Southern California)
Topological Effects in Photonics: Applications

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