The conference will take place in Minoa Palace Hotel (, in Platanias, 12km west of Chania (30min drive from Chania International Airport)”, in the west part of Crete (see, e.g. link).

The closest airport to the hotel venue is Chania international airport. Detailed arrival information will be added soon. (Please note that Heraklion airport, which is the largest airport in Crete, is more than two hours away from the hotel venue and without any direct and easy or cheap connection with the conference venue.)



In Chania one can enjoy the picturesque old harbour, walk around the old town alleys and enjoy delicious local food in the numerous small restaurants. Clear waters will be all around the conference venue.

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Small excursions from the hotel venue can bring you to exotic beaches, like the beach of Balos, which is ranked 35th among the 100 World’s best beaches. The Falasarna beach and the Elafonisi peninsula also attract millions of sea-lovers each year. 

Less than 1 hour driving from Chania is the famous Samaria gorge, which is the second touristic attraction of Crete (after Knossos Minoan Palace). There are busses every day that can take you from Chania to Samaria gorge.

The beach of Balos

Elafonisi peninsula

The gorge of Samaria

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